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Dr. Khaja Muntajabuddin

BDS, MBA, Dental Surgeon, Basal & Cortical Implantologist

Life Member of open dental community- Switzerland
Life Member Implants foundation-Germany
Certified Orthodontist- New York, U.S.A
Member of Indian Dental Association

Dr. Khaja Muntajabuddin is director of Smile Dental Hospital, Hyderabad, India. Being a Certified Implantologist, trained from Zurich-Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, UAE, India, he is a clinical Master & Mentor of Immediate functional loading dental Implants.?

Dr. Khaja Muntajabuddi is a successful private practitioner since 1997 and have conducted regular educational programs for dentists in the field of immediate loading implants. He has a vast expertise in treating patients with minimal bone situations with immediate functional dental implants without bone grafting or sinus lifts. Regularly he treats complex full mouth edentulous jaws with immediate loading functional implants, full mouth rehab & Smile designing.

Leadership is important

Our Team

Dr. Nasser Jahan

B.D.S , DENTAL SURGEON, Laser Flap Surgeon, New York

Dr. Nasser Jahan is a practicing laser flap surgeon since two decades, she is the born leader, the driving force behind Smile Dental Hospitals team and its success.

Dr. Nasser Jahan extends her expertise to ensure quality control at smile dental hospital. She is Human Resource Manager at Smile Dental Hospital.

Dr. Javed Osmani

Marketing & Sales

Dr. Javed Osmani has completed his BDS, MDS from SRM Dental College Chennai. He has been awarded with post-graduation degree in PROSTHO –DONTICS CROWN & BRIDGE in 2011. He has vast clinical experience and he keeps updating with recent advancement and technology in the field of Prothodontics & Implants.

Dr. Javed Osmani specializes in implants, Smile Designing, Full Rehabilitation, Crowns & Bridges, (Ceramic & Zironia), TMJ Disorders, Complete Dentures (Conventional & BPS), Removable partial dentures (flexible), Implant supported Dentures. He always strives to provide best care in General and Specialized Dentistry and to make sure that every patient goes with Beautiful Smile.


ROOT CANAL SPECIALIST -B.D.S, M.D.S (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics)

Dr. Shaik Younis Pervez, working as a Specialist Endodontist at Smile Dental Hospital, has an additional three years experience after Dental school. He believes that your natural teeth are worth saving. His expert training, perfected techniques and usage of superior technologies ensure that you get the highest quality care with best results. He focuses on diagnosing the tooth pain and performing Root Canal treatment and procedures relating to interior of tooth.
He advises that a diseased tooth can be saved with Endodontic treatment. For this reason, Endodontists proudly refer to themselves as specialists in saving teeth.

dr younus root canal specialist

Dr. B.Imran Khan

Dr. B.Imran Khan is an orthodontist at Smile Dental Hospital. He has graduated from Narayana Dental Hospital and he has good experience of about 4 years in the field of Orthodontics and Dento-Facial orthopedics. He treats patients very well who may need braces and he assist them in managing teeth and jaw alignment effectively.

Dr. B.Imran Khan is certified invisalign orthodontist and specialized in self-ligating braces, wilcondontics, invisible braces. He has treated many cases of mal-alignment teeth, jaw modifications and orthognathic surgical cases. He keeps himself updated with the latest technology in the field of orthodontics


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